Natasha Medlar presents the fourth of our TRUTH Series; the focus of the fourth segment being discovering self-love. In this segment we will hear from numerous diverse, empowering people who will each share their own personal stories on their journey in discovering self-love. I pray this segment inspires and empowers many people whom come across it and that it also helps give strength to those facing the same or a similar obstacle at present.

“My intentions for all various segments of the TRUTH series is to educate others who may not be aware of such issues, whether it’s because it has never been a challenge they themselves have faced, to educate those whom are aware but choose to ignore the issue/s and lastly to help encourage others in being brave in speaking out. As we know, knowledge is key.” – Natasha

Our first Guest for this segment whom I would like to introduce you to, is Shana. Shana is a future Activist and Civil Rights Lawyer holding a Bachelor of Art in History. Shana aims to prosper the wave of life being the creator of her own universe approaching the oppressed comfort ability pertaining human beings fearing change. “I will make you uncomfortable to make you comfortable altering your mindset of old beliefs and programmed oppression”. Here is Shana’s story.

Self-love is the epiphany of self-awareness. Many people who choose to bully and harm another human being is the product of their own pain. Yes, it is inexcusable to lash out from unhealed chaos. However, we as the individuals whom entail this carried lineage of undesired family trauma should create a new era of ending repetitive cycles. This is Self-love leading to self-awareness. I who is not a victim nor a survivor of my past circumstances. I am an achiever who is a successor of my parents and their parent’s, great parents and so forth. Their lineage that is of correlation vs causation involving the repetitive cycles related to trauma.

The fact is, we as human beings challenge our very own existence living a detrimental life. Only we choose to live a full journey of completeness as peaceful spiritual beings living a human experience. Even though I am an achiever of my family’s circumstances; I have continuously chosen to heal the pain introduced to me from the verbal, physical and emotional abuse by my father which includes sexual abuse by my mother’s father who also harmed her. Not only was I sexual abused by my grandfather, he passed me onto another person whom was a family friend.

At the age of thirty-nine I had a family member tell me “oh yeah we all knew that he did this to you as a child because your cousin told us.” I will state, this is bystander (Non) Intervention. Bystander (Non) Intervention is the inability to react to a traumatic event whether you are involved or you witness a traumatic occurrence. I mention this articulate word through psychological post traumatic growth, it is well known we all have been exposed to people watching and acknowledging our occurrences. With that being said, bullying occurs when people choose to overlook by pretending domestic violence and sexual abuse is a societal norm.

When the bullies are not held accountable for their actions, how do we learn as victims and survivors to find perseverance through the fear instilled in us through mental barriers broken down by our abusers? These mental barriers are the forces we carry to protect our children. Mothers, fathers, grand parents, friends, wives, husbands, girlfriends, boyfriends, lovers, queer which includes the LGBTQ+ communities, urban, suburban; not exempting the many countries where there are no laws against domestic violence and sexual abuse. These circumstances are not ours to carry through the journeys of our children. We are the creators of our own world embraced by the fear of others who do not lead us through life according to their dysfunction behaviours.

Self-love is the awareness of transitioning into self-worth. Ascension is being the successor as an achiever healing family traumatic pain. As you do so, these bullies will no longer have a hold on you, your pain and emotions. I alone continue to heal for my new creation. This creation is my unborn child who will not endure the family traumatic pain passed down to all of us as it has been for eras. What I hold is the key to my child’s future. The key is healing as an achiever utilising my family’s past to be a human rights activist and lawyer for those who cannot find a voice to speak on behalf of nature via nurture. No one ever protected me when I needed to tell my story.

Due to the attempts on my life I feared I would not see the future God created for me. My voice will be for those who cannot find theirs. My fear became my superpower growing into the journey as a leader embracing strength to end the cycle of abuse for myself and others. I will not be the bystander of non-inconvenience as a human being for humanity.  I choose to be Self-love evolving my confidence through God’s guidance. God’s guidance is my will to live in my heart calling upon grace to bless all as I will shack up those big bullies who have the Alpha ego superior to all they believe to be weak. Weakness is not having self-love when you choose to hurt another human being. Strength is altering your mindset not as a victim, nor as a survivor as an achiever leading with grace.


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