Key Note Speaker @ 2018 Day of Elimination of Violence Against Women Event Malta


On Monday November 26th 2018 I had the honour of attending the 2018 United Nations Day of Elimination of Violence against Women & Children Event in Malta where I was invited as a Key Note Speaker. The Event was organised by CEO of FSWS; Mr Alfred Grixti and his wonderful team at Foundation for Social Welfare Services.

Prime Minister Dr Joseph Muscat, Minister Ms Helena Dalli and FSWS CEO Mr Alfred Grixti commenced the Event each speaking briefly about the importance of supporting Victims and Survivors in order for them to progress in life. Shortly after this, I along with two Maltese women each spoke about our previous experiences with Domestic Abuse and briefly on how we managed to escape and move on with life from thereafter.


I truly never thought I’d live to share my story, let alone travel around the world to tell it. As hard as it sometimes is, I do my best to stand strong each time I vocalise about my past trauma, because everything I do is for all Victims & Survivors around the world. Victims and Survivors without a voice and whom are too scared of the repercussions they would face should they speak up. I pray that the women of Malta felt closure, inspiration, upliftment, strength and courage from hearing me speak.

A HUGE thank you to the CEO of Foundation for Social Welfare Services; Alfred Grixti & Director of Foundation for Social Welfare Services; Claudette Abela Baldacchino for making this opportunity possible for me & for the extended hospitality I had received during my time in Malta. I am truly grateful, humbled and will cherish the memorable trip forever.

Below is my full Speech from the Event.


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